• Is Brazil ready for 2016 Olympics

    With little time left for the Olympic Games in Brazil to start, it couldn’t be more saddening and unfortunate to see Brazil ravaged by several crises. One of the world’s leading sports events is about to begin on August 5 against the backdrop of what seems to be the perfect storm for the country.

  • Top 4 UEFA European Championship goal scorers

    For any football fan the UEFA European Championship is the most popular tournament, comparable only to the World Cup. The tournament used to pair Europe’s top 16 teams that qualified to play, but that number increased to 24 in 2016. That is exciting news for the football community!

  • Watching a match with friends? What about the mess?

    Watching football with friends is surely a great way to have fun and cheer for your favourite team. Not so much in case you have invited them over at your home and you all get to go a bit reckless - reason is someone will have to deal with cleaning the guaranteed mess and that someone will have to be you.